Can the food in your diet be a trigger for migraine

The medical evidence around diet and migraine┬ásuggests that consistency in eating patterns (small, frequent meals) is the most important factor, rather than eliminating individual foods. Even so, some people with migraine are able to find individual foods that could be triggering migraine attacks. Chocolate is consistently thought to be a trigger, but prospective studies of people who think chocolate is a trigger show that it may actually be a food craving during the premonitory phase Read more…

Cervicogenic migraine

I saw this article recently which talked about neck pain and migraine in relatively simple terms. I thought it highlighted the differences between 1) neck pain associated with migraine and 2) neck pain which precipitated by a migraine. It has a good section on treatment of cervicogenic migraine Please contact me if you have difficulty accessing this article Dr Mary

Consultations during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic has changed all our lives. I am still seeing patients during this time but in a different way. When a person contacts me about an appointment, I send them a questionnaire by email or post. It is quite a lengthy questionnaire. However, I find if people fill in up in advance of the consultation, I can spend the consultation on management and treatment of the headaches . I can organise a consultation Read more…


I have a keen interest in research. There are new medications for migraine called CGRPs’ but to date they are nor available in Ireland except through limited access programes in hospitals