The medical evidence around diet and migraine suggests that consistency in eating patterns (small, frequent meals) is the most important factor, rather than eliminating individual foods. Even so, some people with migraine are able to find individual foods that could be triggering migraine attacks.

Chocolate is consistently thought to be a trigger, but prospective studies of people who think chocolate is a trigger show that it may actually be a food craving during the premonitory phase of a migraine attack. People associate chocolate with their attacks and assume it is a trigger but, in fact, it is a reflection that they crave chocolate when an attack begins. The one food trigger that does seem to be consistent is red wine. MSG is another probable migraine trigger. There are a number of foods that are suspected to trigger migraine attacks, but there is not a lot of evidence behind them. This includes nuts and aged foods of any kind — like aged cheeses or cured meats containing nitrates

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